graohPublic-Private Dialogue (PPD) is a vital part of the private sector development leading to reform process, that is why it is critically necessary to promote understanding of what PPD is and how it can contribute to a favourable business climate in the country. PPD and its practice in many countries has proven to accelerate any reform process and what is more important to include and combine the interests of all the stakeholders.

The key factor for the reform facilitation is that the entrepreneurs get the opportunity to be engaged into the process, clarify and understand what their government is trying to achieve with a reform package, consequently they are more likely to accept and work with the reforms in practice.

PPD is welcomed to be initiated and held by progressive governments, dissatisfied entrepreneurs, or sometimes by means of mediation of international donor organizations.

In the case of Armenia The EBRD through its Business Support Office assistance to Councils adjunct to the RA Government contributed to creation of a unique PPD platform for discussing and giving solutions to the private sector’s problems and concerns.

The Business Support Office has its main objective of upholding and increasing the efficiency of PPD in Armenia. Realizing the importance of cooperation of these two sectors the BSO activities are directed towards facilitating public policy dialogue aimed at improvement of business environment.

In the frames of assistance to the SME Development Council and Inspection Reform Coordination Council regular discussions, roundtables, working group meetings and broader PPDs were held with businessmen and business associations to comprehend their proposals as well as the problems faced.

As PPD is an ongoing process we are fostering the entrepreneurs in Armenia to be active in their suggestions, in expressing their concerns and their involvement into the Public-Private Dialogue for a targeted business development in our country.

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