The Head of BSO speaks on the necessity of developing social enterprises in Armenia

On October 18th Conference on Social And Solidarity Economy and Social Dialogue Promotion, organized by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, took place at UN House Armenia, in scope of which the Head of Business Support Office Gevorg Poghosyan was invited to present a speech “On the necessity of developing social enterprises in Armenia”. Gevorg Poghosyan introduced the work carried out by the BSO aimed at uniting social enterprises and the Association of social enterprises of Armenia to elaborate a concept paper on socian entrepreneurship development in Armenia. Starting from the importance of listing the main challegnges of the sector to the cooperation strenghtening Gevorg Poghosyan also mentioned inernational experience and studying the best practice to incorporate in Armenian realities. The concept paper upon being finalized, will be introduced to the RA Government as a start to boost the sector.


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