The first IT startup company is certified to use the privileges granted by the new law

The BSO consultants met with the deputy head of “TeTech”LLC- the first IT start-up company certified to use the privileges defined by the RA law “On state support to IT sector”. 

Mr. Vahag Minasyan told us about the company: the company has a five-member team that is working on the client-given tasks  preparing projects thus bringing the client-organization functions to automated field. Creative approaches that are typical of most of the professionals working in the field, are often displayed during their activities, and the company’s software product can be programmed to any domestic purpose application program up to development of a complex management system. Since its establishment the company has already undertaken one big project.

In respect of the enactment of the privileges granted by the law Mr. Minasyan indicated that the law would be very helpful, and IT specialists must be active in order to use those privileges.

 The company’s deputy director also noted that with the number of orders increased gradually the number of employees will also be increased. In this respect, the law will serve one of its main objectives to ensure the future growth and development of IT companies in Armenia.

During the meeting, the company representative also said that not being rich in natural resources, on the other hand, we can apply our skills and develop the IT industry and noted that there are great prospects for Armenia’s IT sector, as the product market is quite large and nowadays almost all progressive organizations onw way or the other are using programming opportunities.

Start-up companies can apply for certification until 2017 and tax privileges are in force until January 1, 2020.

Havastagir Tetex


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