The BSO published a new research on import procedures in Armenia

With a purpose of preparing a research on import procedures in Armenia the BSO initiated a private public dialogue during the seminar on import procedure in Armenia the 23rd of May, 2017 with the participation of businessmen and the State Revenue Commitee (SRC) representatives. The businesses participating during the event, have had the opportunity to raise and discuss the actual problems they face with the import procedures, propose the changes they would like to see when they are faced with import procedures and find solution mechanisms in course of discussion with SRC representatives.A list of import procedure-related problems introduced in the nessletter were raised by SMEs

In order to support the research, have a more realistic analysis of the procedures of importing in Armenia and to be able to submit recommendations to the Government for reforms, the BSO also carried out a survey, interviewing of 102 SMEs, mainly micro businesses, from a wide variety of sectors.

Import procedures in Armenia. EBRD BSO newsletter

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