The BSO as a part of another PPD platform: Social Council of Revenue Administration Reforms kicked off

The Head of BSO Gevorg Poghosyan took part in the first meeting of the Social Council of Revenue Administration Reforms. The Council shall operate under the chairmanship of SRC Chairman Vardan Harutyunyan. It aims to establish effective dialogue between the government and business community. The chairman highlighted the importance of the council’s active participation in the process of reforms: “We shall act transparent, and each impetus received from the public will become an object of discussion.” According to Harutyunyan, viewing business as government’s partner by attaching importance to the radical change of the image of tax and customs servants is at the core of reforms. Referring to the steps aimed at reducing shadow activity, the chairman believes that here also, there is a need to achieve positive results by joint efforts. “Those acting in the shadow will not be accepted by the government and the society. There is a need to recognize business entities acting within law,” pointed out Harutyunyan. Offers made by business sector and non-governmental organizations as well as laws drafted by the committee were discussed during the meeting.

The council will convene meetings on a monthly basis, whereas urgent issues will be attended in a timely manner by holding expert discussions, according to the chairman’s instruction.

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