Social entrepreneruship development workgroup continues developing the concept paper for the sector

The BSO continues organizing and guiding the working group meetings including social enterprises, the Association of Social enterprises in Armenia and other stakeholders proficient in the specifics of the sector. Regular consultations and works aimed at drafting the content of the concept paper representing the vision of the sector in Armenia and the prerequisites of is development- continue. During the forth meeting of the workgroup  the particpants discussed  points to be included in the concept, such as the neccessity of setting particular criteria defining a social enterprise in Armenia, defining which group and how is going to be identifies as vulnerable, most likely provide a broad definition of SEs for Armenian relalities. The participants also held a heavy doscussion on the perspective of setting a particular percentage of the enterprise’s income to be directed at adressing a social pirpose or a need.

Among other points the restrictions on the sector activities that cab work as social enterprises, based upon international experience, have been discussed, though this topic is still under consideration. Finally, ethical factor has been discussed as well.

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  1. mary Boghosian  April 14, 2018

    I am a professor at AUA, and have a research program on SE. Can I get a copy of your Concept Paper? Thanks


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