SME Development Sub-Council second meeting took place

The recurrent meeting of the SME Development Sub-Council was held under the chairmanship of RA Minister of Economy Tigran Khachatryan.

The members of the Board representing the Private Sector once again welcomed the cooperation within this PPD platform and joint work on raising and resolving issues for the business community.
The Minister welcomed the meeting participants, stressing the importance of meetings in such a format of public-private dialogue.

During the meeting the participants discussed the issues hindering the activities of business entities as a result of a number of meetings held with the representatives of the private sector within the framework of PPD with the Ministry of Economy.

Specifically, the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Naira Margaryan presented some of them to the Sub-Council for discussion on competitiveness of VAT producers, regulations on trade issues, export promotion and SME assistance and other support measures.

The meeting also discussed issues raised by business Taxpayers’ rights protection NGO and Citizen-Tax-Business human rights organization, as well as representatives of the Business Support Office, which impede business regulation and tax administration. On the recommendation of the Minister, it was decided to address the issues presented in the framework of discussions in other formats as well.

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