SME Development Support Council Holds Fifteenth Meeting

    SME Development Support Council held its fifteenth meeting in the Office of Government.

   After hearing the reports on implementation of the decisions taken at the previous meeting, the Council proceeded to the agenda, which featured issuance of country of origin certificates for goods manufactured in Armenia, certain Tax Code provisions relating to SMEs, problems arising between SMEs and trading centers in the buyer-supplier circuit, the need to give priority to Armenian goods in the shopping malls, etc.

   During the exchange of views that followed, the speakers came up with a number of proposals and recommendations. Summing up the meeting, the Prime Minister instructed the working groups consisting of representatives of the agencies concerned to conduct a detailed study of these questions, further discuss then and report back the findings.

   The meeting approved the candidature of Vice President of SME Cooperation Association Samson Grigoryan as a new Council member. The meeting also approved Armenia Manufacturers Union Executive Director Eduard Kirakosyan and European Business Association CEO Diana Sarumova as Council members without the right of voting.


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