SME Development Council’s 16th meeting took place

Chaired by the Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, SME Development Council’s 16th meeting took place today at the Government.

Firstly, the Prime Minister was briefed on the implementation of the assignments issued at the previous meeting.

The Council discussed and amendment on one article of the RA Criminal Code and a series of amendments to the SME-related provisions in the RA Tax Code, as well as some problems existing in the buyer-supplier chain, and briefly reffered to  the work on the establishment of a business incubator in Armenia.

As part of the agenda, the meeting discussed issues related to customs regulations, the proposed legislative changes concerning administrative offenses in the Republic of Armenia, the leasing as an alternative financial instrument and so on. During the exchange of views the followed, the speakers came up with a number of comments and suggestions.

Prime Minister Karapetyan stressed the importance of a comprehensive study of these problems and requested the representatives of responsible authorities to further discuss the above issues in the shortest possible time in order to finalize the stakeholders’ positions and submit proposals at the next meeting.

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