SME Development Council Private Sector representatives meet

The new extended list of Private Sector representative organizations included as members of the SME Development Council met with the BSO team to discuss the structures’ goals, expectations and imput in the activities of the Council.  More organizations. representing different areas, directions and sectors supporting business,(Syrian Armenian businessmen union, SME Accountants’ Association, Association of Accountants and Auditors and to leasing companies cooperating with the BSO on leasing improvement project) shall be a part of the PPD platform from now on and will have an opportunity to express their ideas, suggestions and concerns to the IC secretariat during the workgroup meetings and, of course at the Council meetings.

The members discussed the issues on the next agenda to be represented to the Prime Minister. The issues involved topics on SME-related provisions’ improvement in the Tax Code, leasing improvement legislation package introduction, decriminalization of specific economic crimes that would, hopefully, no longer be a burden for businesses.

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