Inspection reform raising awareness meeting with journalists took place

On June 5-6 inspection reform raising awareness seminar-meeting with journalists took place, organized by Inspection Reform Coordination Council’s Secretariat operating at the Ministry of Economy, the World Bank Group and EBRD Business Support Office. The purpose of the seminar  was to introduce the activities undertaken in frames of IR strategy, as well as introduce IR legislative framework and regulations, in particular the RA law “On inspection bodies”, Inspection system optimization concept etc.  Inspection prodcedures with introduction of checklists were presented to the participants. The Head of Business Support Office Gevorg Poshosyan made an interactive presentation on sample objects inspected with a checklist including individual and field risk calculation.

A joint discussion on inspection system optimization perspectives took place, opinions on possible mergers were interchanged.

 During the seminar the participants were given an opportunity to address their questions related to the reform implementation to the Inspection Reform Coordination Council‘s Secretariat staff and hishlight the topic later in press.

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