How to Make a Small Business Medium? Meeting with Entrepreneurs on Mentor Support took place in frames of #Գործարա® business development platform

A number of business support organizations in Armenia, including the National SME Development Center of Armenia, the EBRD-funded Business Support Office, the SME Cooperation Association, BSC Business Support Center, Makichyan Consulting, business development expert Narek Aleksanyan and other supporting organizations and professionals are continually implementing a number of events and enabling entrepreneurs to help businesses develop the business environment in Armenia in frames of Գործարա® business development platform.

On October 29, a meeting was held between the organizers and businessmen, who submitted initial applications for participation for the Mentor platform. The concept and purpose of the mentorship were presented. Mentors who are reputable and experienced entrepreneurs in the business environment of Armenia will select several businesses that they will support within one year, providing practical knowledge for business development.

After the selection phase, mentors, with their input, experience, knowledge and advice, will assist in the sustainable development of the selected small business and outline the path by which a small business will become a medium. The attendee businessmen had the opportunity to ask their questions to the organizational staff of the platform, alsothe participants discussed the need for comprehensive business support and competent planning by experienced professionals, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives for Armenian businessmen.

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