BSO consultants took part in Regulation Delivery International Conference in London

   October 10-13th was marked with the BSO consultants participation in Regulation Delivery International Conference in London, UK. The conference provided a unique opportunity for more than 200 delegates from 50 countries to network communicate and share their experience in terms of working on regulation delivery and legislative reformes aimed at business environment improvement in their countries.

   Special attention was paid at inspection reform processes in different countries, their progress, and the BSO, on its part introduced the reform progress in Armenia, the current situation, achievements and challenges, as the BSO has been providing assistance to two high-level ICs, one of which is the RA Inspection Reform Coordination Council. The BSO had the opportunity to present the Armenian reform-making ecxperience in regard of other business sector-oriented reforms carried out on PPD basis.

As an outcome, new interactions and connections have been established  with experts, specialized in various projects on regulatory reforms in many countries of Eastern Europe and several Post-Soviet countries with a similar challenges in their economies.

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