Inspection Reform Coordination Council (IRCC) was established on the 17th of September 2009 as the Concept of Inspection Reforms was approved by a RA Government Decision with the aim of coordinating and guiding inspection reforms in Armenia. The main focus of the IRCC has been on introducing EU approach of risk-based inspections in all inspectorates which would ultimately reduce the burden that inspections impose on businesses, improve the quality of these inspections and significantly reduce the occurrences of corruption and violation.

Since January 2010, upon the request from the Ministry of Economy, the BSO started active cooperation with the Executive Body (the Secretariat) of the Inspection Reform Coordination Council to assist in increasing the efficiency of the Secretariat activities directed to maintain efficient PPD at the highest level. In the scope of its assistance program the BSO has been providing detailed technical assistance to the IRCC Secretariat to achieve the fixed targets.

The BSO has provided broad assistance to the Council Secretariat in all aspects of the reform – mapping of current inspections, reviewing about 500 laws, decrees and regulations pertaining to inspections, defining the risk-based approach, drafting the checklists and the new law introducing risk based inspection concept. In particular, the BSO worked extensively with the business community in raising the awareness of this reform, discussing and seeking comments on legal and regulatory changes and assisting in presentations to the Council.

Therefore, successful implementation of inspection reforms are stimulating the development of small and medium enterprises by creating favorable business environment.